Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Acts of Pizza

Their slogan is "Restoring Faith in Humanity, One Slice at a Time."  Random Acts of Pizza is a site (specifically a "subreddit") where people can can help someone who is in the need of a free pizza.

A very happy pizza!
Reddit, a large social news website, is home to many smaller website communities known as "subreddits" - each with its own subject, which includes everything from science and world news to fifth world problems and pickles.  Random Acts of Pizza is one of the 67,000 (and continuously growing) subreddits of Reddit.

Do you have an empty wallet and an empty stomach?  Or do you have a full wallet and a full heart?  In either case, Random Acts of Pizza is for you.  People write posts with pleas for free pizza, and charitable readers can order it for them.  I have read some quite moving stories, including a 4-year old's birthday party that RAOP and a local pizza shop donated 9 pizzas to when informed that the father and mother could not afford to feed any guests.  To me though, the most amazing thing about RAOP is the idea that a site where people spend money to help feed strangers even exists, and continues to exist after nearly a year!  People are nice.

The site is meant to be light and fun.  Sometimes the giver can make a contest out of things (guess a number from 1 to 1000 - winner gets a large pizza!), or sometimes a giver may just want to buy a pizza for a fan of their hometown sports team.  But the main idea is simple: randomly brighten someones day through the beautiful gift of a delicious greasy pizza!

Here is link to the site: PIZZA!